Apolinario mabini

See other formats Project Gutenberg's Mabini's Decalogue for Filipinos, by Apolinario Mabini This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

Apolinario mabini

Friday, July 18, Apolinario Mabini: Philippine Oligarchy, Liberty, and the Decalogue A facebook friend shared an article about Apolinario Mabini to commemorate his th birth anniversary I am happy to know that July 22nd is Apolinario Mabini's day of birth, and I also appreciate that piece of history shared by Ambeth R.

Ocampo about Mabini's warning to Aguinaldo about some rich men giving loan to the government in exchange of having a voice in the Treasury. I just wonder if that really happened.


And if it did, I am just curious about the extent of such arrangement. I could not resist this suspicion in my mind that perhaps if such arrangement took place, that might explain the perpetuation of Philippine oligarchy.

Apolinario mabini

Two other great political luminaries influenced by de la Torre were our national hero, Dr. Camacho's Gutenberg's version of "Mabini's Decalogue for Filipinos". Allow me to share an insightful excerpt from this ebook: Some day, when his works are fully published, but not until then, Mabini will come into his own.

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A great name awaits him, not only in the Philippines, for he is already appreciated there, but in every land where the cause of liberty and human freedom is revered. He severely criticised the government, voicing the sentiments of the Filipino people for freedom. He was ordered to desist, but to this, in one of his writings to the people, he replied: Thou shalt love God and thy honor above all things: God as the fountain of all truth, of all justice and of all activity; and thy honor, the only power which will oblige thee to be faithful, just and industrious.

Thou shalt worship God in the form which thy conscience may deem most righteous and worthy: Thou shalt cultivate the special gifts which God has granted thee, working and studying according to thy ability, never leaving the path of righteousness and justice, in order to attain thy own perfection, by means whereof thou shalt contribute to the progress of humanity; thus; thou shalt fulfill the mission to which God has appointed thee in this life and by so doing, thou shalt be honored, and being honored, thou shalt glorify thy God.

Thou shalt strive for the independence of thy country: Thou shalt strive for a Republic and never for a monarchy in thy country: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself:APOLINARIO MABINI @ Talino at Paninindigan (Wisdom and Integrity) Apolinario Mabini y Maranan (July 23, — May 13, ) was a Filipino revolutionary, lawyer, and statesman who served as the first Prime Minister of the Philippines, serving first under the Revolutionary Government, and then under the First Philippine Republic.

LANDSCAPE By GEMMA CRUZ ARANETA. I AM writing this on the birthday of Apolinario Mabini (23 July) and remembering how little I learned about him during my school days.

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Apolinario Mabini y Maranan (July 23, – May 13, ) was a Filipino revolutionary leader, educator, lawyer, and statesman who served first as a legal and constitutional adviser to the Revolutionary Government, and then as the first Prime Minister of the Philippines upon the establishment of the First Philippine nationwidesecretarial.com is regarded as the "utak ng himagsikan" or "brain of the.

nationwidesecretarial.com News ☛ For those of you who still dont know who Apolinario Mabini is here are eight things you should know about one of the most brilliant heroes of our country Read online and share to Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Honestly speaking, I know Apolinario Mabini as the "Brain of the Revolution" or "Utak ng Rebolusyon" and he was a polio, other than that I really do not know who is Mabini TripAdvisor reviews.

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