Movies at home vs movies at

Reddit Two weeks ago, Paramount changed things. But they made a move that, while seemingly just a smart way of dipping a toe into the waters of alternative distribution for non-guaranteed studio projects, is also going to draw a lot of attention. If it does, they have the unique opportunity of being at the vanguard of the next wave of modern film distribution and consumption. Paranormal Activity has seen diminished returns over its three sequels and one spin-off, and The Ghost Dimension will be hitting theaters nearly two years to the day after its originally announced release date in October

Movies at home vs movies at

October 14, Talking about Bollywood actresses there is no denying this fact that the best time was, when Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Sridevi and Rekha were the leading ladies.

All of these Bollywood actresses have enjoyed huge success. These ladies from Indian cinema were not only pretty faces. They were all brilliant actresses. Although there are many debates about who should be crowned the best actress from Indian cinema, the hottest debate remains- who is better, Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit.

FilmsPlusMovies considers both of them legendary actresses. Here is a comparison of two of the best ever faces from Indian Silver screen. Sridevi vs Madhuri Dixit: On the other hand Sridevi has the eyes that mesmerize.

Both were elegant, good dancers, and women with pretty hands. If one only looks at these ladies to decide who is more beautiful, none of the two divas can lose it.

Who is more beautiful? Box office appeal Both Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit enjoyed huge box office success. Sridevi is undoubtedly the Pan Indian winner here as she was crowned numero uno of Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film industry all at one time.

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This debate is however not this easy to decide. For comparison purpose, we will talk about Hindi movie box office results only. Though Sridevi performed in a couple of Hindi movies as a child artist too, her proper debut was in Her movie Himmatwala was a Golden Jubilee blockbuster, and Sridevi established herself as an important star of the era with this movie.

The other movies released in and with many of them having Jitender Sridevi hit on screen jori as the leading pair were box office hits.

Movies at home vs movies at

Sridevi went on establishing herself as the numero uno for next few years with her solo blockbusters like Nagina, Mr. India, Chandni and Chaalbaaz. From to on average every 3rd Sridevi movie was a hit.

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She enjoyed thorough success as many of her movies were block busters too. From she worked in movies annually. Though the number of movies she worked in reduced considerably, her box office appeal remained intact. Though there were no blockbusters, she recorded hits regularly. Every 3rd or 4th Sridevi movie was a hit in s too, and this time with huge critical acclaim.

Till the time she signed movies in her first innings, she charged more than any other actress of her era. Sometimes she charged as much as Mr.

Her first hit movie was Dayavan in Her first Superhit movie was Tezaab, again in From to it was Sridevi who was clearly in the number one slot. The competition begins here.

These movies were multi starrers.Movie Theaters Vs Home Movies staying home to watch a movie or going to a theater. There are numerous ways that you can watch a movie at home; random movies played on TV, pay-per-view movies.

May 17,  · In conclusion, the comparison between watching movies at home and in the theater is that in the theaters, you just have to be aware of you surrounding. You don’t have control of the movie. On the contrary, if you are watching it at home, seating is usually comfortable at home and you don’t really have to be careful on sitting.

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With incredible advances to home technology, is there really any need to leave the house for a truly cinematic experience? Watching Films in the Cinema vs. the Comfort of Your Own Home Cinema.


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KAV News and Technology Our News. author. katya. Do you prefer watching films in the cinema or in the comfort of your own home cinema.

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I much prefer to watch movies at home. First of all, it’s much cheaper and more comfortable. You can pause the movie when you want to and you don’t have to sit next to strangers.

Movies at home vs movies at
Watching Films in the Cinema vs. the Comfort of Your Own Home Cinema