Music for writing and creativity

Synopsis Creativity requires more than inspiration; it requires us to build skills and knowledge, to master the craft. What exactly is creativity and how do we foster it?

Music for writing and creativity

In either case music was a manifestation of the cosmic order. Upon being discovered by his brother, Gaines tells us, Bach was forced to destroy the manuscript — his act of copying considered akin to stealing trade secrets or other proprietary information. Counterpoint was a language technology—a code!

So in the Western tradition, even as far back as the Greeks, we see three phenomena that continue today: Since beginning this research project, I have spoken with many people who look at the history of computer programming as an applied philosophical endeavor in which increasingly higher order levels of programming languages are created in parallel with increasingly sophisticated insights into human cognition and the nature of reality itself.

The tangible relationship between science, metaphysics and computer programming stretches back as far as Ada Lovelace, daughter of the poet Lord Byron, who is often identified as the first computer programmer. Unsurprisingly, I did not wholly anticipate the staggering complexity of this undertaking.

The area of investigation where I felt least familiar was that of computer programming. Given my near-total ignorance of these matters, I was fortunate enough to interview two erudite and insightful individuals who helpfully provided information and explanation.

I sat down with both of them separately to discuss computer programming, but upon listening to the separate interviews noticed a theme emerge. Both Segan and Ford got into computers through music. For both of them, the impulse towards creative expression and exploration in music was paired with a determination to learn new technologies.

I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

music for writing and creativity

When you find a good programmer odds are music was, and still is, a big part of their life. It seems fitting, then, to do a bit of a deep dive into programming languages, at least enough to provide a general audience with some vocabulary and tools to consider how art is made in a digital environment.

The technologies and methods used by artists working in live performance are more or less familiar to a general audience, while the technologies of artists working in digital media are often quite mysterious to the public at large.

Instruments are technology; notation is technology; architectural acoustics are technology; amplification and phonography are a bit more recent technology. He started by explaining computers in the most basic way possible: How do you do subtraction by addition?

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Add a negative number. How do you do multiplication? You just add and add and add and add.

music for writing and creativity

So when we look at the history of the development of computer programming languages, we see a tendency to become higher and higher level, to constantly seek increasing levels of abstraction, and we can think of some programming languages as distinct languages unto themselves and others as dialects of a parent language.

The input data is completely stateless. A GUI is what we all use now; we interact with the computer through recognizable, clickable pictures.

In order to create a graphical user interface they had to figure out how to model real world objects in a programming environment, which led to the basic paradigm of Object Oriented Programming.

However, the details of how those properties attach to the object — the causes and mechanisms by which it enacts those behaviors — are all hidden from our view.

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When OOP first emerged as a paradigm, there were only a handful of languages and they were mostly developed by vendors, for-profit software companies like Microsoft and Borlandand so the ecosystem was designed by, and very centered on, what vendors wanted.

With the rise of Linux, the Open Source and DIY movements, with the ascendancy of Google and Big Data and, more recently, the exponential growth of the mobile space, the infallibility of Object Orientation has come under question as a new generation of programmers redefines the field.

Like any comprehensive theory, be it in art, science, religion, philosophy or technology, Object Orientation — both as programming language paradigm and worldview — has attracted, as it has migrated across sectors, a coterie of acolytes and critics. That disruption was The Enlightenment.

For Bach this new, so-called galant style, with all its lovely figures and stylish grace, was full of emptiness.

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With the arrival of The Enlightenment, the rise of rationalism and the wane of strict theological constrictions on cultural production, music education moved out of the sole purview of sacred institutions. So we see a few things happening.

· If music education is in danger for our typically developing students, it's in dire straits for our differently learning students. Sadly, for many of these students and adults, our automatic And as soon as you take this “formulaic approach” to writing music you are in serious trouble.

to “piece together” chord progressions and second hand songwriting ideas is just a distraction from the wonderful creativity that streams through your mind all the time.

The first edition of the successful Encyclopedia of Creativity served to establish the study of creativity is a field in itself. Now completely updated and revised in its second edition, coverage encompasses the definition of creativity, the development and expression of creativity across the lifespan, the environmental conditions that encourage or discourage creativity, creativity within Jun 19,  · This Is Your Brain on Writing.

like music or sports. Some experts praise it as an important advance in understanding writing and creativity, while others criticize the research as too. · The story that music theory stunts creativity is a ridiculous myth. Theory doesn’t close your mind, it opens it. Theory allows you to communicate musical ideas to others easily, and improves composition without actually telling you what to  · Creativity is like the breaking waves at the ocean’s surf.

The surfer waits for the right wave and when it materializes, the surfer latches on, riding its crest until the destination. When the big wave of creativity comes in with a rush of ideas, yoga can give you the skill to surf. Grab these

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