Research paper arson investigation

Rules and Regulations U. Bomb Data Center Welcome to the U. Bomb Data Center was established by congressional mandate in as a national collection center for information on arson and explosives related incidents throughout the United States.

Research paper arson investigation

A quick reference list of statistical findings from a variety of research projects and studies involving insurance fraud. Sorted by line of insurance. White papers White paper: Emerging issues Two separate "emerging issues" workshops were conducted over the course of two days. Each of the groups had spirited, open exchanges in each session.

Research paper arson investigation

The result was a wide-ranging list of fraud fighting opportunities, problems and threats as we enter the new millennium. It was agreed that technology, globalization, and the changing nature of financial services are accelerating the speed and nature of change.

This presents an enormous challenge to all involved in the fraud battle.

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Fraud bureaus During research on model fraud bureau legislation, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud identified six potential funding mechanisms for the operation of an insurance fraud bureau.

The effort must be a joint partnership of consumers, the insurance industry and government in order to have a real impact on reducing the cost of fraud on premiums consumers and businesses pay, and on the claims costs borne by insurers.

Attending the Forum were leaders and experts in the field of insurance fraud. The attendees were representatives of private industry, law enforcement, state fraud bureaus, government regulators and professional organizations.

Attending the forum were leaders and experts in the field of insurance fraud. Their accomplishments included identifying key fraud fighting goals in dealing with legislation and regulation at the state and federal levels and proposing a list of specific developments on which to focus.


We have come to expect that all things can and should be measured quickly and easily. Simply put, insurance fraud is hard to measure accurately.

The hidden nature of the crime — combined with other obstacles that will be discussed in this paper — have stymied efforts to develop easy and efficient methods of gauging the extent of fraud, and the effectiveness of specific solutions in curbing it. Although such partnerships have been highly effective and are considered important to future successes in fighting fraud, there are legal issues that should be considered when using this approach.

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Public Awareness Public awareness efforts to combat fraud are fragmented and inconsistent. Numerous industry groups have mounted a variety of campaigns. Some are extensive, well-funded and well-researched, while others are relatively limited.

They tend to deploy different strategies, tactics and messages, which further dilutes the overall national impact on fraud reduction.Research Study: insurer use of technology Insurance fraud is rising, and more insurers are responding forcefully by automating investigations with skilled technology.

interFIRE, A site dedicated to improving fire investigation worldwide. BATS provides you access to national arson and explosives incident information. BATS is a secure, user friendly, web-based computer application.
Advertise Your Business Here! For the fire scenarios this is particularly true for the ionization detectors. The photoelectric detectors not only responded to fire scenarios much more consistently but since the time of this study in the mid-seventies the photoelectric detector has improved its response to fires because it has greatly improved its smoke entry characteristics.
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Arson is a crime of intentionally, deliberately and maliciously setting fire to buildings, wildland areas, abandoned homes, vehicles or other property with the intent to cause damage or enjoy the act.

It may be distinguished from other causes such as spontaneous combustion, accidental fires (smoking in bed, e.g.) and natural often involves someone deliberately burning their own.

Aug 09,  · NIST's fire research develops, verifies and utilizes measurements and predictive methods to quantify the behavior of fire and means to reduce its impact.

International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) —

ABOUT IAAI. The International Association of Arson Investigators® (IAAI®) is an international professional association of more than 9, fire investigation professionals, united by a strong commitment to suppress the crime of arson through professional fire investigation.

Headlines. Stormy Daniel's lawyer Michael Avenatti speaks out after his arrest on suspicion of domestic violence; St. Paul approves eventual increase to $15 minimum wage. What is BATS? The Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS) is a web-based case management system which provides you, State and local arson & explosives investigators, access to up-to-date arson and explosives investigative data from across the nation at no charge.

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