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The Saints didn't hold back and in the end, the defending Super Bowl champs were blown away, taking a loss to the Saints. Earlier that day, the Giants treated their hometown crowd to a win, playing against Tampa Bay at MetLife stadium. They scored their highest points of the season with a victory over the Buccaneers. This is the line of demarcation for the Giants.

Team c report 1

Only three days ago he soloed in to win Milano-Torino. And especially in light of the fact that formerly he had a phobia of high-speed descents.

Congratulations to him for overcoming it. Dylan Teuns won the sprint for third. Astonishing to see Nibali take second, and with a large gap over the chase group.

And waves his fist in victory as he cross the finish line. The final km for Pinot! He won't give in, though! Somehow he is able to jump and get away! NIbali has now been caught.

Only 3 km left for Pinot! First Martin, then Maijka try to get away. They are only nine seconds behind Nibali so it seems likely they will catch him. The Monte Olimpino is the last climb of the day and Pinot has tackled it. He is holding the gap steady at around 30 seconds.

Pinot looks over his shoulder and is probably very happy to see nobody. Wellens of Lotto Soudal has now caught up with Maijka and Martin.

Behind him, Martin is flying along. Up front, Pinot is doing the same. He already has 20 seconds on Nibali. Martin is putting in a strong attack, too. Nibali cannot follow and seems to realize the dream is over.

Uran is back in th group and now Dan Martin attacks. And Pinot takes off! And now Bernal is caught by the chase group.

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Uran jumps from that group and gives chase to his countryman. Naturally Nibali is right there with him. That's it for the World Champion. He loses touch with the group. The chase group is now about to catch Roglic. IN fact, he is falling off the back of the group. But we have lost sight of Roglic.

Roglic drops from teh lead group. Now BErnal struggles to stay with Nibali and Pinot. Nibali's team car pulls up alongside and he takes a bidon. But which one will miss the podium?

Team c report 1

But the gap between the four leaders and the chase group just keeps getting bigger. With 24 km to go, it is now 48 seconds.

Let's be safe out there! It is a large group, with Valverde, about 20 all together.Previewing The Man Roster Deadline. Prospects every MLB team should consider protecting ahead of this year's man roster deadline.

President’s legal team is looking to build a case against what they say is the special counsel’s conflicts of interest. Bond Between Jack Leggett, Kevin O'Sullivan Remains Strong. It's the first time Florida coach Kevin O’Sullivan will face a team coached by Jack Leggett, his mentor and former boss at Clemson.

CN's Kirsten Frattini spoke to Audrey Cordon about the news of the UCI's plans to introduce a minimum wage in women's cycling. "It's a big step that we are taking now," Cordon-Ragot told Cyclingnews in an interview at the SportHotel, where the French national team was staying ahead of the Road World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria.

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The report cautioned that to determine the real extent of Soviet ASW development would require significantly more research and access to classified materials, as the US Navy would not release its data to either Team B, or the CIA, they stressed that the probability of advanced Soviet ASW research was greater than zero, as the NIE implied it was. Forbes ranks America's most valuable baseball teams. Previewing The Man Roster Deadline. Prospects every MLB team should consider protecting ahead of this year's man roster deadline.

Forbes ranks America's most valuable baseball teams.

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